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How to Mirror Android and iPhone Phone Screen to Computer

Mirroring phone screen to computer

If you have a computer with Windows 10 operating system, if you want the applications and content on the screen of your android or apple device to be displayed on your computer screen, this article is for you.

The program we will use for this process is ApowerMirror.

ApowerMirror is an application that transfers Android/iPhone screen to computer. It also offers Android users the chance to use their device from PC with mouse and keyboard. With this program, people can enjoy the media files they keep on their phones on the computer, watch power point presentations, PDF and other documents on the big screen with their colleagues or partners, play Android games or send messages using the mouse and keyboard. Now let’s see how to use this tool.

For iPhone:

  1. Connect iPhone device and PC to the same WiFi network.
  2. On iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. If your iPhone has iOS 10 or later, click “AirPlay Mirroring” and select “Apowersoft”.
  3. 6. If the iOS system is iOS 10 or lower, click the “AirPlay” option, select the device named “Apowersoft” and turn on the “Mirroring” option. Then the iPhone screen will be mirrored to the computer.

For Android:

With USB cable:

  1. Turn on USB debugging option on your Android device.
  2. Plug Android into PC using USB cable. If the USB debugging window appears on your phone, click on “Always allow this computer” and press the “OK” button. Wait for the app to download on your Android. On some phones you may need to install the app manually.
  3. Open the app on your phone. A warning window will come up. Click “START NOW” and your Android screen will be transferred to PC.

With WiFi connection:

  1. Make sure your Android and PC are on the same WiFi network.
  2. Download the ApowerMirror app on your Android device.
  3. Open the app on the phone. Go to the “WiFi Connection” option. Click the “REFLECT” button and select the device starting with “Apowersoft”. Click the “START NOW” button and you will see the Android screen on the computer.

Note:  You can select the “Do not show again” box in the notification window to avoid repeating the selection each time.

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