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Deleting Unnecessary Files That Take Up Computer Space

Deleting Files That Take Up Space Without a Program

How would you like to delete the files that take up unnecessary space on our computer and fill your disk space and free up space on your disk?

Before these operations, do not forget to check the disk occupancy rate in order to determine the disk space opened after the operations.

  1. Step
  • Open the command system by typing “run” from the start menu. or press the “windows + r” keys at the same time,
  • Type the code “%temp%” on the run screen and press “enter”,
  • Delete all folders in the opened section, Don’t worry, they are not folders that affect the system.
  • Don’t forget to empty your recycling bin afterwards.


2. Step


  • Open the command system by typing “cmd” from the start menu.
  • Type “cipher/w:c” on the cmd screen and press “enter”. This code will delete the junk files on our computer that we used to delete.
  • In the code I wrote, instead of “cipher/w:c” “C”, you should write the letter of the disk on which the operating system is installed on your computer.

From the moment the command starts running, check your my computer folder from time to time. Even if this area seems to decrease with each passing time, you will see that this area increases when you restart your computer. This process is actually called the overwrite, write erase operation. By overwriting and deleting files that we thought we had deleted.


After running this command, there is one thing that I can tell you as an advice. The room is to leave the computer by itself for about half an hour, or for an hour as you wish, without doing anything. And try not to have any open programs on your computer, no matter how much.

Do not forget to write the difference as a comment before and after the process is so much…

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