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Add subtitles to your Youtube Videos

Automatically add subtitles to your Youtube Videos

By adding subtitles to the Youtube videos you upload to Youtube, you can both highlight your video and reach your audience who are hearing impaired or who do not speak Turkish.

Prior to; – Install Normally open the downloaded file and put it in the root of your C Drive

Path settings;



c:\ffmpeg\bin add these paths to System Variables/Paths

Run CMD as Administrator and copy and paste the following codes in order curl -o python pip install autosub C:\Python27\Scripts Delete the Autosub file in it and restart the PC.

Download and put the downloaded file in C:\Python27\Scripts. Automatically add subtitles to your Youtube Videos.

It’s time to write the video;

Put your video with subtitles for translation on the desktop and run CMD, apply the codes respectively cd desktop c:\python27\python.exe c:\python27\Scripts\ -S tr -D tr video name.mp4

upload the created file to youtube by following the steps in the video, add english subtitles to the video; Go to With savesubs, you can add subtitles to your videos in any language you want. Automatically add subtitles to your Youtube Videos.

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