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How to Delete YouTube Channel Permanently?

After closing and permanently deleting many social media accounts, it has also come to YouTube accounts. Let’s come , how is  the YouTube Channel Deletion  Process?

Why would we want to close our YouTube Channel in the ever-changing internet world? Of course, this question is completely personal and is shaped according to the situation we are in. While some of us produce and share content, some of us certainly have an account opened in your name. Let’s face it, the problem  is in the YouTube Account Deletion  process. Don’t worry, it’s as easy to close as it is to open, dear.

You can delete your videos on YouTube, or we have offered the option to delete your channel completely if you wish. Deleting your YouTube channel permanently deletes all your content, including your videos, playlists, and history. Unfortunately, Channel Delete is not available on mobile at the moment.

How to Delete YouTube Channel?

The steps to delete your YouTube channel are listed as follows:

  • If we have many channels, which one you want to delete, keep that channel open on YouTube.
  • Then click on the link I gave in the quote and click on the link to delete your channel.

    YouTube Channel Delete Link

  • When you click on the link above, come to the bottom of the window that opens and click the “Delete Channel” button.
  • After clicking the Delete Channel button, we will be sent to another page and two options will appear. These are: “I want to hide my channel” and “I want to permanently delete my content”.
  • Click once on “I want to permanently delete my content” and a downward page will open.
  • After confirming the boxes here, click “Delete my content”.
  • After clicking this button, it will ask you to enter your e-mail address to confirm. Enter your e-mail address and click the “Delete My Content” button.

After pressing this button,   you have successfully completed the YouTube Channel Deletion process. If you wish, you can benefit from our video narration.

In this way, instead of reaching a few people, and if you are not satisfied with the number of views, you can purchase such services and ensure that the videos you upload reach more people.

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