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In printed texts, a writer usually starts off with some kind of teaser, speed up wordpress site but there is no time for that if you are writing for the web. Given that you’re writing about the topic it only makes sense that you mention it in at least one of your subheadings. Focus keywords are intended to be unique so you’re less likely to write duplicate content.

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Your focus keywords or key phrases can contain some words that might be considered insignificant in a search query. Changing the focus keywords to something unique might be worth considering. Try getting your focus keywords in there. External links don’t benefit your SEO by having them in your own content, but you’ll want to try and get as many other websites linking to your articles and pages as possible. With that said, don’t force keywords into all your titles – keep it natural, readable and use moderation!

They don’t know whether to direct the link metrics (trust, authority, anchor text, link equity, etc.) to one page, or keep it separated between multiple versions. You just need to create an email list and keep on adding new subscribers to generate quality leads. Availability – You need to ensure your site is available at all times.

Headings are important to users as they break up your content, sectioning is by subtopics to help readers figure out what the text is about – and the same goes for search engines. To help them discover all the juicy content your website has to offer, it’s wise to make sure your content has internal links built into for the bot to follow and index. Using keywords in any of your subheadings (such as H2’s or H3’s) will help both the user and search engines quickly figure out what your article is about.

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